Transportation Liability


Transportation Liability Attorneys

Our Firm has a unique rapid response transportation unit which acts within minutes of being notified of a potentially covered catastrophic accident involving a tractor-trailer to begin obtaining and preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses, working with law enforcement personnel and the Department of Transportation at both the state and federal levels.

Appreciating the need for an accelerated, but comprehensive, investigation, our attorneys are equipped with the industry-specific knowledge and experience to thoroughly interview drivers, brokers, business owners and exhaustively locate and preserve both documentary and electronic evidence. Many of these claims involve multi-vehicle collisions resulting in wrongful death, or serious injuries including burns, disfigurement, paralysis, multiple fractures, and brain injuries.

Throughout the years, we have defended claims at all levels within the trucking industry, including claims against transport companies, movers, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, owners, brokers and drivers.

We have handled claims involving defective mechanisms, deficiencies in equipment maintenance and inspection, breach of duty in selection, over-loaded trailers, broker negligence, negligent hiring/retention/training, licensure problems, falsified records, and have vigorously defended disputes which have arisen as the result of same.

The depth of our experience affords us the ability to handle any size or type of claim, ranging from minor accidents involving minimal damages, to major accidents involving millions of dollars in potential damages.

Additionally, our Firm has vast experience with regard to evaluating medical-related damages, and we have defended hundreds of cases involving wrongful death, ligament damage, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries