Directors and Officers


D&O Litigation

The firm also has substantial experience in defending directors and officers in a wide variety of D&O claims and coverage matters. The matters we have handle range from litigating the deepening of an insolvency to claims of mismanagement and fraud. We also defend both for-profit D&O claims and claims against non-profit corporations and State-created corporations. We recognize the disruption a company faces when senior management is targeted in litigation, as well as the concomitant public relations concerns.

Our experience permits our D&O team to promptly evaluate strategic and cost issues, and to defend or resolve disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. Our D&O experience has led us to deal with a variety of specific areas including creditor “deepening insolvency,” securities, employment issues, concerns, and franchise disputes, among other things.

Other areas in which our attorneys have been called upon to defend include commercial disputes, condominium association director’s actions, shareholder derivative actions and insurance coverage.

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Our attorneys have represented directors and officers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and across Florida in various D&O disputes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding a D&O lawsuit.

Lydecker also defends directors and officers for D&O claims in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.