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Our Cyber Department is constantly at the forefront of changes in the law affecting our clients in order to better serve them. Our lawyers have successfully defended our clients in numerous actions involving a wide array of issues. Some of the most frequent legal issues our clients seek counseling for include: data breach notification requirements, hacking, negligence or breach of fiduciary duty for online fraudulent scams, client data loss, employee errors causing data loss or exposure, fraudulent transfers, extortion, GDPR compliance, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act claims, Florida Computer Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act, Theft of Trade Secrets Act, State and Federal RICO claims, Deceptive and Unfair Business Pradtices Act, and online defamation claims.

Our Cyber Division regularly represents large institutional clients with dedicated in-house counsel, and works hand-in-hand with general counsel to achieve an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs in order provide cost-effective, high-quality services. We also emphasize preventive legal strategies to manage their legal risks. Our Cyber Division is well-versed at aggressively trying and defending cases.

Our Cyber Division’s representation and investigation of numerous public and private entities regularly involves a social media component. Legal issues arise from unauthorized access of online content to employees posting allegedly libelous material via social media service providers. Accordingly, we counsel our clients regarding practices and procedures to minimize potential liability involving private and public entities utilizing social media services.

Cyber Liability ⁄ Internet Law Team

Mr. Johnson specializes in the representation of professionals, corporations and insurers in a broad range of business and tort matters, including employment claims, environmental claims and other complex actions.
E. Taylor George is a Partner and trial counsel for the Tampa office, also working with the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee offices.