Banking and Financial Services Litigation

This practice area encompasses the intricate legal realm in which financial institutions and individuals engage in legal disputes, often involving complex financial transactions and regulatory compliance. This specialized area of law deals with an array of issues, including disputes over loan agreements, mortgage foreclosures, securities fraud, regulatory investigations, and consumer protection claims. Our attorneys specializing in this field navigate a multifaceted landscape, combining their knowledge of banking regulations, financial markets, and litigation strategies to advocate for their clients. Whether it’s representing banks or investment firms our legal professionals play a pivotal role in resolving financial disputes, upholding the integrity of the financial system, and ensuring that justice prevails in matters related to banking and finance.

Our strong and positive reputation makes us ideally-suited to handle such complex litigation.

Banking and Financial Services Litigation Team

Mr. de Zayas’ experience includes debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy, insurance insolvency, construction litigation, employment litigation, and appeals.
Ms. Maken has substantial experience in handling appellate matters. Over her career, she has authored hundreds of briefs filed in the Florida Supreme Court, Florida's District Courts of Appeal, the Eleventh Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Forrest Andrews is the Chair of Lydecker LLP's Appellate Department and Co-Chair of its Commercial Department. He is Board Certified in Appellate Practice by the Florida Bar and has experience handling all types of appellate proceedings, including extraordinary writs, in state and federal courts.
Jordan Roth is an Associate at the firm’s Miami office. Mr. Roth concentrates his practice in commercial litigation, with an emphasis on contractual disputes, business torts, and insolvency. Prior to joining Lydecker, Mr. Roth was an associate at a boutique commercial litigation firm in Miami.

Jordan Roth