Howard Sucher

Marketing Director


Howard is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of diverse experience. With his wide-ranging skill set, Howard plays a crucial role in spearheading our firm’s Local, State, and National Marketing initiatives.

As a native Floridian, Howard’s roots trace back to the vibrant city of Miami Beach, where he grew up. Currently, he resides in South Florida.

Howard’s extensive background includes working with an AMLAW 200 firm, where he honed his expertise in legal marketing. Additionally, he has successfully launched and established several prominent car wash brands nationwide, leaving an indelible mark on their branding and positioning efforts.

Moreover, during the challenging times of the pandemic, Howard lent his expertise to various businesses, assisting them in implementing effective marketing programs, devising business expansion plans, and driving growth initiatives.

With his proven track record and knack for crafting innovative marketing solutions, Howard brings a wealth of knowledge to our firm. His strategic thinking, coupled with a deep understanding of our business expansion plans and growth initiatives, ensures that our marketing efforts align seamlessly with the evolving industry landscape.

Howard’s passion for driving results, combined with his meticulous attention to detail, makes him a valuable asset in delivering impactful marketing campaigns. His ability to identify unique opportunities and leverage his expertise in executing growth strategies sets him apart as a marketing professional.

We are thrilled to have Howard on board, and with his contributions, we are confident in our ability to amplify our brand presence, achieve tangible results, and surpass our marketing objectives.